Educating and empowering kids

Every child has the right to health

Giving all children worthy childhoods

Creating an environment of love and respect


Welcome to Endoca Foundation

At Endoca Foundation it is our mission to make a difference for children and the most disadvantaged in the society. Most importantly we want to make a positive change in the world.

What we do

Our current projects right now includes our fund for children whose parents can’t afford to buy CBD oil either as alternative medicine or as nutritions. In the future, we will build orphanages to give children an environment of love and respect.

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Endoca Foundation

We are a nonprofit organization embracing social projects, such as the Institute of Cannabis, Natural Medicine and Sustainability and our hardship fund for parents who cannot afford CBD oil for their children.

Manu Sareen is the executive director and a board member of Endoca Foundation, as well as one of the main drivers behind initiating the Foundation and its day-to-day operations.

Our fields

Everytime you support Endoca you support the growth of our fields. For our fields we in bring local farmers and provide them with the know-how and equipment to grow hemp. We transform millions of acres of non-organic land into organic farmland by giving the farmers the means and land to support them to make ecological choices.

Ecology is important for us, because we want to help the environment and fight the global pollution problem. Today we grow over 2000 acres of hemp on organic land. Therefore, by supporting us you help us transform more land and help the environment.