Unlocking the Potential of Children

In the heart of our Endoca Institute and Cannabis Seed Bank in the Spanish Mountains, we have created a paradise for children. We believe a great future starts with a great childhood. The Endoca Forest School was created in year 2017 based on the values of a sustainable educational model with nature as the learning environment.

Endoca Forest School

Our mission was to create an outdoor educational programme that would nurture children’s interests and curiosity about the world.

We use a british curriculum model and it is our wish that the children are introduced to as many aspects of real life as possible, to help enable them to make better choices and create lifelong passions.

Giving the children a proper start

Our school is still a pilot project, which will flourish and grow even bigger in the future. Currently we have 3 full time teachers, for our 8 attending children.

We believe that all children deserve a proper start in life in contrast to regular schooling, we value individual contact with each child. Which is why our teacher child ratio never exceeds 1:5.

This way we are confident that each child will have the best possibility to thrive not only academically, but emotionally and motorically too. With various activities like, nature exploration, science, physical education, wood crafts, music, arts and drama.


Our main values and learning focus are the following:

  • Children are our future
  • Love and respect for one another and nature
  • A healthy lifestyle through learning, movement and eating
  • Sustainable teachings and practices
  • Working together as a community
  • To be the change you want to see in the world


Our vision is to create a sustainable future for children and nature. We achieve our goals through educating individuals to love, respect and protect the natural environment as well as to take care of ourselves and others.

We want future generations to learn through methodologies that are respectful towards children’s development, enhancing their motivations, interests and curiosities about life. This way we can build a better society of happy children and a happier and healthier world.

If you want to learn more about our activities and everyday life at the Endoca Forest School please visit our Facebook and Instagram profiles. Here you can also check our latest events and activities, like summer camps and planned workshops.