Grover Hospital

Grover Eye Hospital

Grover Hospital Grover Eye Hospital is a hospital specialised in eye care and surgery. The hospital is equipped with advanced equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases.

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What we do

What we do To help improve children’s life quality we are supporting Dr. Grover in India and Grover Eye hospital to make sure that children, can have free eye check up and eye surgery.

Naz India

The Naz Foundation Trust

The Naz Foundation Trust Naz India opened its arms to HIV-positive orphans, after a child was abandoned at their doorstep. Naz has given children a lifetime commitment and provides for their educational, nutritional, medical, and recreational as well as psychosocial needs.

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What we do

What we do We support The Naz Foundation Trust, also known as Naz India, because they, like we do, strive to improve children’s lives by improving their health and overall life quality.


Bless the Children

Bless the Children

Bless the children is a global initiative about educating and empowering kids and youth of the incredible health benefits of plant-based nutrition, well being, sustainable living and creativity.

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What we do

Like Endoca Foundation, Bless the Children also work for children and youth to achieve their optimal health through nutrition. We support Bless the Children by donating CBD oil, to be a part of the children's diet.


Families with children suffering from epilepsy

Jyotika Sharma’s family

Jyotika Sharma’s family Jyotika’s son, Laksay, is five years old and has since his birth suffered from a rare form of epilepsy. The medicine didn’t work on his conditions, and the Doctors wanted him to undergo neurosurgery. Then Jyotika was introduced to CBD oil, which gave great result within three days.

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What we do

We support families with children who suffer from epilepsy, and can’t afford CBD oil themselves. We have already helped Jyotika and her son from India, by giving him oil-drops to help cope with the seizures.